Who we are

Message from Kevin Nguyen

We lead people to become disciples of Jesus Christ

God called my wife, Qua and I to plant a church to reach the Asian community in the Tulsa County in September of 2020. Our family relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma not long after the calling with a desire to plant. God stirred in me a need to proclaim His Saving Grace to the people. The field is ready to harvest. 

Riverview Baptist Church is our amazing sending church. They came on board in September of 2021 to be officially our sending church. On January 16th, 2022, they had a commission service to send us out into the mission field to proclaim the gospel and advance the Kingdom of God. We are truly humbled by their love and care for us in this journey of planting Broken Rice Baptist Church.

On January 1st, 2022, the North American Mission Board, also known as Send Network, made it official for me to be one of their endorsed missionary. I am grateful for the effort they put forward in providing training and other resources to help a new Southern Baptist church plant get off the ground. They want to make sure this church plant thrives in proclaiming the good news to all people with a long lasting impact

Our Beliefs

The Trinity




Christian Life




Our Mission

Our mission is reconnecting unbelievers to God through the Savior Jesus Christ starting with Tulsa County.

Our Vision

We exist to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all unbelievers, starting with Tulsa County. Simultaneously, we have a particular burden to reach the Asian community with the gospel. Within the church, we labor to equip believers to grow in sanctification and to advance the Kingdom of God. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible, we will intentionally disciple believers, expositionally preach God’s Word, and diligently teach God’s Truth for God’s glory.

Why Broken Rice?

Rice mills would initially sell only whole rice grains. Broken rice was useless and was discarded. To increase profit, mills would start selling broken rice to poor people that would be nicknamed “Poor Man’s Rice.” Surprisingly, as time passed by, broken rice is now worth more per pound than whole rice grains. Recalling the story of Onesimus, a runaway slave. He was once useless to Philemon in the past. Now, Onesimus is useful to both Paul and Philemon after surrendering his life to Jesus Christ. The broken rice serves as a metaphor for how sinners are bound for eternal damnation, and yet through the redemptive works of Jesus Christ, sinners can gain salvation and be with God for all eternity.

Our Values